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Traffic Offences in NSW

Traffic offences in NSW: a helpful guide

Depending on the type of driving violation, penalties for traffic offences vary from state to state. Traffic offences in NSW will range from minor violations, with penalties such as the payment of fines, to much more serious offences which may result in imprisonment.

Incurring offences in NSW can be stressful, so having the expert legal services of offences lawyer will be helpful. For those who want to know more about the common offences in NSW and their penalties, our team at Cunninghams – The Law Practice has prepared a helpful summary below.

What are the common traffic offences in NSW?

Some of the most common offences in NSW include driving without due care or careless driving, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving without a licence, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving beyond the speed limit, running a red light and many more.

Aside from the common offences, more serious offences in NSW cover dangerous and reckless driving, including those offences that result in serious harm, injury or death of another person.

How are common traffic offences in NSW handled?

When a person violates offences in NSW, they receive an infringement notice describing the offence, the fine they have to pay and when it is due. Disregarding such notice is dangerous because it can lead to the suspension of your licence, disqualification, or worse, cancellation. Authorities can also impound your vehicle, attach properties they registered under your name to secure payment of the fine, or issue a warrant of arrest after you fail to appear and pay the fine despite being given due notice.

Traffic offences in NSW, when committed, correspond to demerit points reflected in the traffic history of every individual. Demerit points vary depending on the degree or severity of the traffic law violated. Any person should be cautious not to accumulate as many demerit points within a given period to prevent the suspension of his licence and any disqualification for driving.

How Cunninghams – The Law Practice can help

Whether these driving violations are minor or severe, offences in NSW can be lawfully dispute. If you need the expertise of a traffic offences lawyer regarding offences in NSW and traffic demerit points, feel free to contact our friendly team in Bathurst or Blayney today or visit our website for our full range of legal services.

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