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Drafting Commercial Agreements

for any successful business venture. Operating in Bathurst and serving the central west region of New South Wales, we specialise in providing our clients with ...
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Image of hands in handcuffs on a pile of money because of drug offences

Are You Facing Drug Offences in Bathurst or Central West NSW?

At Cunninghams – The Law Practice, we understand that facing drug-related charges can be a serious and stressful experience. We serve clients throughout Bathurst and ...
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a person holding a bottle of beer while driving a car then getting a drink drinking charges

Understanding Drink Driving Charges in Bathurst & the Central West

A night out with friends, a celebratory toast, or an unexpected detour after work – sometimes, even a single drink can lead to a situation ...
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Image of a pen on a notebook with conveyancing text

Buying or Selling a Property in Bathurst? Here’s What You Need to Know About Conveyancing!

Buying or selling property can be an exciting and sometimes daunting experience. One crucial aspect that can be confusing – is conveyancing. In this blog, ...
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a close up of a keyboard to search about Bathurst Process.

Understanding the Conveyancing Process: Step-by-Step Guide for Bathurst Residents

For Bathurst residents embarking on a property transaction journey Bathurst Conveyancer is key, understanding the intricacies of the conveyancing process is essential. Whether you're buying ...
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Bathurst conveyancer using a key on a notebook with a miniature house on the right side.

The Importance of Local Knowledge: Benefits of Hiring a Bathurst Conveyancer

When it comes to property transactions, whether buying or selling a home or commercial property, the complexities of the process can be overwhelming. One way ...
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A person wearing a mask and using a laptop doing fraud offences

Fraud Offences – Defending Your Rights

Fraud offences can have severe consequences. They encompass a wide range of dishonest acts, like deception, forgery, and misrepresentation, committed to obtain an unfair advantage ...
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Two individuals discussing civil litigation with will solicitors near me.

Civil Litigation Services Explained

TThe term 'civil litigation' refers to the legal process of resolving a serious dispute between two parties (which may be individuals or organisations). At Cunninghams ...
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white and red wooden house miniature on brown table for bathurst conveyancing.

Conveyancing in Bathurst Explained for First Home Buyers

First-home buyers and, indeed, all home buyers in Australia have a considerable number of responsibilities as far as government and financial administration that must be ...
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A wooden gavel on a white marble backdrop for criminal law

Criminal Law Services: The Different Areas We Can Assist With

For criminal matters, you should always engage the services of a law firm with expertise in this field. In such cases, it is simply not ...
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Two golden rings that has been return after divorce and separation with the help of compensation lawyers bathurst

Navigating divorce and separation: a helpful guide from a compensation lawyers in bathurst

Deciding to end a marriage comes with a lot of considerations and the process of a divorce or separation will never be easy. To ensure ...
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A person in a car with a traffic officer for traffic offense with solicitors in Bathurst

Traffic Offences in NSW

Traffic offences in NSW: a helpful guide Depending on the type of driving violation, penalties for traffic offences vary from state to state. Traffic offences ...
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A gavel on a block of money of a conveyance lawyers

What does a conveyance lawyers do?

Buying and selling properties in Australia can be a complicated process. Aside from complying with the paperwork, it also includes communicating and negotiating with the ...
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