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Criminal Law Services: The Different Areas We Can Assist With

For criminal matters, you should always engage the services of a law firm with expertise in this field. In such cases, it is simply not worth risking charges, penalties or serious punishments that could have been avoided if only you’d had the best possible legal advice and representation available.

Shane Cunningham of Cunninghams – The Law Practice is the only Law Society-accredited specialist in the wider Bathurst region. He has years of experience in both studying the intricacies of criminal law and handling criminal and other cases, including representing everyone from individuals and families, to small and large businesses and investors.

What Sorts of Criminal Cases Does Cunninghams Handle?

Cunninghams – The Law Practice can assist with a wide range of criminal matters, from minor to extremely serious crimes. If you’re not sure whether your case is one that we would handle, our contact details can be found at the bottom of this blog entry. But chances are, it is something we have dealt with before.

There are different types of assault and levels of seriousness. Ensuring that your situation is correctly categorised so as to lead to the best possible outcome is just another reason why it is always advisable to use an expert criminal lawyer. At Cunninghams, we can assist with various sorts of assault cases.

Offences relating to drugs, as well as to firearms or other dangerous weapons, are also cases with which Cunninghams can help.

For those unaware of the distinction between theft and robbery, the latter is stealing with the threat or use of force. Cunninghams can handle criminal matters of both types.

Computer-related crime, aka cybercrime, is, unfortunately, a growing aspect of our society. Cunninghams have the knowledge and experience to confidently assist with such cases.

Criminal matters relating to fraud or perjury are also within our field of expertise. Finally, Cunninghams – The Law Practice can assist with legal matters involving violent crime, such as domestic violence, and also cover cases of manslaughter or murder.

Why Engage an Expert to Assist With a Criminal Case?

As stated previously, there is simply too much to lose if your criminal legal case is handled by a firm without the ability to ensure that every step of the process is done right and is as beneficial to you as possible. The first – and many would say most important – thing you have to gain is the preservation of your reputation. Getting help with criminal law services from a proven trusted firm like Cunninghams – The Law Practice is also the best way of minimising charges, fines, other penalties (e.g. the loss of one or more licences) and incarceration.

Need a Criminal Law Specialist in Bathurst or Central West NSW?

For more information on our criminal law services or to arrange a consultation with an experienced solicitor, you can contact Cunninghams – The Law Practice on (02) 6230 9591 or by emailing . You can also submit an online enquiry via our website.

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