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Wills & Estates with Peace of Mind - Cunninghams


We Can Assist You with Estate Planning, Contested Wills, Estate Administration & More

Our approach to estate planning and administration is both meticulous and forward-thinking. Cunninghams the Law Practice’s principal Shane Cunningham has over 15 years of experience in the area of will and estates, and understands how crucial effective planning is for you and your family.

When creating your wills, powers of attorney, and appointments of enduring guardian, we prioritise clarity and simplicity. This ensures that your will can be in place as long as your preferences remain the same, and that if the documents are needed then your executor/attorney/guardian can execute their duties without delay or confusion. We also assist with probate, letters of administration, and Family Provision Act Claims.


If you have been named as the executor of a valid will, you must first apply to the Supreme Court for probate, which grants you the legal authority to administer the deceased estate. Cunninghams the Law Practice can assist you with both obtaining the probate and administering the estate lawfully and efficiently, in accordance with the provisions of the will. If you are looking for a solicitor with the experience and understanding to make estate administration as easy and stress-free as possible, consider reaching out to us.


Letters of Administration

Where the deceased has not executed a will or the will is invalid, you are able to apply to the Supreme Court of New South Wales for Letters of Administration. Where these circumstances arise, the court will decide who is eligible as a beneficiary of the estate, how the estate is to be divided, and in some cases, it will appoint an administrator to distribute the estate. Cunninghams the Law Practice is consistently engaged in these proceedings and is committed to achieving the best possible outcome.

Claims Under the Family Provision Act 1982 (NSW)

If you are a beneficiary of a will but believe you have not been provided for adequately, you may be able to commence a claim under the Family Provisions Act 1982, also known as contesting a will. The statutory limitation for such a claim is 12 months from the date of death (although the court does have discretion to extend in some circumstances), so if you are considering contesting a will, reach out to Cunninghams to discuss your prospects.


Our Wills and Estates Services Include:

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    Creation of Wills, Powers of Attorney and
    Appointments of Enduring Guardian

  • auction (1)

    Updating Wills, Powers of Attorney and
    Appointments of Enduring Guardian,
    and Revocation of Previous Appointments

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    Estate Planning Administration

  • auction (1)

    Claims Against Wills & Estates

  • auction (1)

    Deceased Estate Claims

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    Letters of Administration (Where there is no
    will in place or the will is deemed invalid)

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    Advice on the Family Provision Act 1982 (NSW)

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