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Civil Litigation Services Explained

TThe term ‘civil litigation’ refers to the legal process of resolving a serious dispute between two parties (which may be individuals or organisations). At Cunninghams – The Law Practice, serving Bathurst and Central West NSW, we understand that unfortunately, there is sometimes no way of settling such disagreements amicably, especially for will solicitors near me, leaving litigation as the only reasonable course of action.

Is Civil Litigation Expensive?

Depending on the situation, it can be. The most complex civil litigation can take months or even years. Bearing this in mind and wanting to provide the best possible value for money, Cunninghams – The Law Practice takes an approach to civil-litigation cases whereby we work closely with the client every step of the way, especially for will solicitors near me. If at any point our professional ethics tell us that the case is not maintainable at law, we will say so

What Specific Services Can Cunninghams Offer?

Cunninghams – The Law Practice specialises in assisting with the following types of civil matters: contract and commercial disputes, debt collection, enforcement of the judgement, and statutory demands.

A contract dispute usually stems from a breach of contract, while a commercial dispute could involve a large number of different things relating to a commercial relationship between parties. Debt collection is essentially what it sounds like. Enforcement of judgement is necessary when the terms of a legal judgement – e.g. returning goods – have not been willingly followed and must now be enforced. A statutory demand is a formal request for payment of a debt owed.

What are Some of the Dos & Don’ts?

Perhaps the most crucial step is to control your emotions and avoid hasty decisions. Conduct thorough research to find a local lawyer who specializes in civil litigation, such as will solicitors near me. This will help prevent missteps and significantly enhance your prospects of a favorable outcome

Preparation is also key. Work out your overall strategy and goals (in conjunction with your legal representative), then stick to them. This includes gathering together all of the evidence needed to support your claim(s) and keeping it stored safely.

Try not to discuss the details of your case with people other than your lawyer. There is really nothing to be gain by doing so. And especially don’t communicate with the other party in the dispute any more than is reasonably require.

In conclusion, it’s imperative to heed the legal advice you receive and avoid any temptation to procrastinate, embellish facts, or omit essential steps in the process. Keep in mind that your chosen lawyer, especially if they are will solicitors near me, possesses extensive experience and knowledge of the correct procedures that lead to favorable outcomes.

Where Can I Get Civil Litigation Help?

Need civil litigation services in Bathurst or Central West NSW? For more information on the topic or to arrange a consultation with a solicitor who is highly experienced in the area, you can contact us at Cunninghams – The Law Practice on (02) 6332 9591 or by emailing . You can also submit an online enquiry via our website.

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